Much of my artwork references feminist film theory, horror films, past trauma, and childhood memories. My work is mixed-media and performance-based, and I enjoy learning new artistic media on a regular basis. My research and visual art practice question why despite the waves of feminism and cultural uprisings, albeit short-lived, toxic masculinity continues to be the hegemonic state. My artwork explores beautified and idealized depictions of women throughout art history and in visual culture. I use bodily fluids within my artwork as a means of emancipation. Some of the writings that have informed my artwork include the writings of Julia Kristeva, Rosemary Betterton and Georges Bataille. 
I took feminist film theory courses, gender studies courses, and feminist art history courses with Dr. Soheila Ghaussy while studying as an undergraduate student at MICA. I continue to be intellectually interested and inspired by feminism and performance art. I love endurance art. There is a feminist performance art movement happening throughout society in recent history and I aspire to contribute to that movement, however big or small that may be. 
My life experiences as a lesbian and a recovering addict have had a profound influence on my work as a conceptual artist. My artistic practice includes thinking of a concept, sketching the visual art aspect of that concept, planning props and locations, then choosing which photographic equipment will best document and depict that concept. I frequently use film, scan film, and edit my artwork in Photoshop. I then print my work on inkjet printers. Most recently I have begun making work about my experiences as an addict in recovery. I am also beginning to explore my past trauma using writing, still lives, and reenacting moments.